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How to Use Household Items as Gym Equipment

Being cooped up in a lockdown is not good for your mental state, your emotional state, and your physical state.

Not getting in proper exercise only worsens the situation.

But just because you can’t get to the gym doesn’t mean there’s no gym equipment available.

In part one we showed you how to shred without any equipment.

Now we’re going to show you how to turn everyday household items into gym equipment so you can max out your home training and prepare your mind and body for the challenges to come.

1Use paper plates or hand towels as sliders

If you’ve got carpeted floors use paper plates as sliders. If your workout space is tiled or hardwood, then folded hand towels will do the trick to maximize the impact of exercises like pushups, plank jacks, and pikes. Just remember to go slow and stay in control.

Got a carpet? Try paper plates to skid your way to a stellar workout.

2Empty laundry detergent bottles make great kettlebells

Filling an empty detergent bottle with sand or water turns it into an effective gym weight. Check out Thor’s Chris Hemsworth using detergent bottles and other household items (even a laundry basket!) to keep his body in tip top shape.

Then check out these great exercises to take your improvised kettlebell set to new heights.

3Use soup cans as small weights

For ladies and those new to training, help may be staring back at you from the pantry. Soup cans are the perfect size for low-weight, high-rep movements like bicep curls and overhead tricep extensions.

4The folding chair - a home exercise powerhouse

Tired of sitting on your ass all day? Get your ass up – and take the chair with you.
Folding chairs are basically a home gym that you can sit on. Perfect for triceps dip, incline push-ups, or decline push-ups.

Check out this full body workout using nothing but a folding chair.

5Your backpack as an improvised weighted vest

While some are perfectly happy to workout with just their body, those of us used to more resistance will be looking for ways to add difficulty.

Simply adding a couple of water bottles into a backpack is a surefire way to supercharging your workout. Perfect to add some power to squats, pull-ups, box jumps and any routine that uses body weight resistance.

6Use a basketball to make pushups harder

This sounds fun but it is not for beginners. Grab your basketball and then find your center of balance in the plank position with your hands on the ball. Now begin your pushup routine and try not to facepalm into the floor.

Check out these killer push up drills with a basketball.

7Use a steel water bottle to add difficulty to planks

A steel water bottle or any cylindrical object that can support your body weight will help you crank up your planks. Place one hand on a water bottle as it lays on its side and roll your hand out. Lower yourself to the low push up position and ride the burn as long as you dare.

8Get book smart with your abs

Always knew that bookshelf would someday come in handy!

Rest a heavy book on your chest and feel your crunch routine increase in tension and resistance. Alternatively, lie flat on your back and use your core to elevate your shoulders from the ground. This will work out your lower abs.

There you have it – no excuses, soldier. When confinement is over we need you back on the battlefield in tip-top shape.


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