A.D.S - Arthro Daily Support

A.D.S - Arthro Daily Support
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A.D.S - Arthro Daily Support

Even in the post-apocalyptic New World – with its daily dangers and trials – joint pain stands out as a miserable experience. Maybe because it is always with us, poisoning our daily tasks and activities with throbbing pain and incessant discomfort.

Make no mistake, joint pain is no joke and left untreated – no matter how bad it feels now – it can always get even worse. To remedy the Outbreak army’s pained trigger fingers, we hit the lab and finally emerged with A.D.S (Arthro Daily Support), the most complete formula on this godforsaken planet for the treatment of joint pain. Other available therapies will feature, at most, one or two of our key ingredients.

The advanced A.D.S formula will provide quick relief from and also long-lasting protection from joint-related pain and discomfort, usually caused by high repetition tasks such as gaming, working on computers, repeatedly reloading magazines, or other manual tasks.

If you’re managing to hold your own on the battlefield, even with pain in your joints, your opponents won’t have a clue what just happened when you relieve your pain and get back to your best.

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