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Works very well

I'm in the military, and have to stay on top of my physical fitness, while working a ridiculously strenuous job during the day. Can't really afford to be sore. This works nicely. Give it a go.

Frank R.
Antidote is the truth

When I get a product that's good, I plug it. I want people to enjoy what I enjoy. This stuff, is freaking amazing. I've tried two post workouts before this one, and they didn't even come close. Here's the bottom line: On workout days after getting home from the gym, I felt it. The other post workouts probably did work to reduce soreness, stiffness and restore some energy vs. taking nothing at all. Within a couple hours of workouts, I could feel it. My body tightened up, I had general soreness, and I was tired. Next day felt a little better, but I definitely needed the day in between. With Antidote, I felt the effects immediately. Within 2-3 hours of workout, I was barely sore, no stiffness, and I felt like I could get on the treadmill for another 40 minutes energy wise. That lasted the rest of the day. Went to sleep, woke up yhe next day, I felt like I didnt even workout the day before. I am fully recovered. On top of all of this has to be one of the coolest marketing strategies in the world of nutrition with the Outbreak Apocalypse. I also ordered on a Tuesday and got it Friday in time for workout day. Since I only take it on workout days, this 60 serving tub will last me about 20 weeks. I am sold. If you workout you need this.

Michael L.
Tropical Flavor

I have been looking for a good tasting recovery drink and I have found it. This antidote has saved me and my family from the dawn and I was able to keep my body as strong as ever to lift 150lbs of weights and go on my morning two-mile run. Hands down a great supplement to take and I wish I can try all of there supplements (Outbreak hit me up). The taste is very refreshing, nothing too strong and does not taste like ***, tastes like fruit punch. If you want to become stronger this is a necessity along with surviving protein blend and refuge.